Sunday, 4 September 2016

Our angel who Stole So Many Hearts..

And so everybody traveled through this journey with us giving us strength at the same time.. 

As proud parents of course the first thing we do after seeing our baby girl is to announce her to the world and that is exactly what we done, we received so many well wishes, texts, calls and those closet were arranging to meet our new family member. Happiness was all around until the doctor asked us to come into a private room and gave us the dreaded news that there was something wrong with her heart and that she had to be rushed to Crumlin. 

Once the initial shock started to sink in, and the fear hit me that things were serious, I remembered that people were arranging to meet her, and she was not going to be here she will be in Dublin, we had to share the shocking news that all was not well and that we needed everyone's prayers, and this is when she stole so many more hearts from around the world. 

FB Post 1. Welcome Isabella Eileen Sheehan (May 23rd 2016)

Jazmine, Keelan and myself are proud to announce the arrival of our little princess Isabella Eileen Sheehan who was born at 12.01 this morning and weighed 5lb 1ounce. 


FB Post 2. We need your prayers (May 23rd 2016)

Myself, Kevin and Keelan would like to thank you for all your well wishes, however we would also like to ask for your prayers at this very difficult time as our beautiful baby girl is being transferred to Crumlin hospital as I post this emotional message. May our sweet baby girl get well and come back home very soon. X

FB Post 3. Saying goodbye (May 24th 2016)

#specialmoments keelan kissing his sister Isabella goodbye before her trip to#crumlinhospital #truebrotherlylove #ourwarriorprincess #strongfamily

So as we had to spread word to people that all was not well with our Isabella to ensure no one comes to the hospital and she was not there, soo many people were trying to keep us positive, however my partner Kevin who had to follow the ambulance up to Dublin was not doing so well, he called me once he got up to Crumlin and as the days passed I could hear in his voice that he was crumbling with the fact he could not do anything but be by her side and was unable to help her. 

As I sat helpless in the hospital after my operation I knew I had to do something, so I posted a post on Facebook to help keep him strong while I was not there as I knew people would follow my lead and help me give him the boost he needed. I could not take it that they were both up there without me I had to do something, I had to make my way to Dublin and with the help from my mum and her sister in law I did just that. That same evening my mum arranged a lift to Dublin for me in the morning, I spent time with my son in the private room for a couple of hours not knowing when I would be back down and then the following morning I signed myself out of there and made the journey to them, not knowing what I was facing into. 

FB Post 4. Keep strong (May 24th 2016)

This man is my rock, my best friend, my everything. I am so so so proud of you supporting me while having our beautiful little girl last night to holding my hand today and telling me that everything will be ok, that I should rest after my operation and that you will be by our daughters side in Dublin while she has heart surgery, and that you will make sure that she will come home to us stronger then ever. I could never ask for anything more of you then the love and support you show to me and your children every single day... your our true hero xxx

FB Post 5. Our Warrior Princess (May 24th 2016)

Our little warrior princess xx

FB Post 6. I have arrived! (May 25th 2016)

And so I have arrived to be reunited with my precious baby girl.
Mummy and daddy are going to be by your side and get you all better so you can come home soon xx

I remember this day so clearly, you know and hear of Crumlin but never in your wildest dreams would you think you would have to go there. I couldn't imagine what it would be like in fact all that was going through in my mind was to just get to Isabella, and Kevin so I can start to understand what is going on. I arrived on the Wednesday around lunch time, it was so busy, there was no parking anywhere, eventually I got to walk into the main reception waiting for what felt like hours but was only minutes to see Kevin walk in, his face looked pale and tired, I remember still being in so much pain but I just wanted to see our daughter, I had it in my head that I did not want her seeing me looking weak, I was her mother and I wanted to be strong as could be. I walked into ICU for the first time looking round at all the babies then finally I saw her. 

By the next day we were told the news that no parent should ever have to hear, 'We are sorry but there is nothing we can do for your daughter' I remember I had a note pad a pen ready to write down the plan of action to save her, but there was no plan, no hope and no action to be taken, god has written her fate and she is just too good to be here. Every moment we had was precious and everyone of our friends and family still had hope but we knew soon she would be growing her wings. 

FB Post 7. The time in near (May 27th 2016)

Our darling girl, who is giving us extra time to spend with her before she flys with the angels. Thank you all for your kind words and support through this heart breaking time. We will be bringing her home soon

FB Post 8. Those Precious Moments (May 27th 2016)

Isabella opened her eyes for mummy and daddy last night, absolutely amazing. This is going to be the hardest day of our lives but my god we are so grateful to be blessed with these precious moments. Thank you my darling girl.

FB Post 9. My Princess (May 27th 2016)

My princess, feeling blessed to have these precious moments with her xx she just amazing xx

FB Post 10. Mother Daughter time (May 27th 2016)

Our Isabella xxx

FB Post 11. Time is all we ask   (May 28th 2016)

Cherished moments with our Isabella, our girl is amazing and still giving us time to be with her xx

FB Post 12. And So Isabella Grew Her Wings  (May 28th 2016)

Our beautiful Isabella is now sleeping and is flying with the angels. We will love her and miss her always, now we will begin our journey home with her where we will lay her to rest this evening at 4.30pm at Dromavalla Cemetery in our home town of Killorglin. Thank you all for the support you have given at this very difficult time. Kevin Sheehan, Jazmine and Keelan xx

FB Post 13. Isabella's Journey  (May 28th 2016)

Isabella's journey.....

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support and words of encouragement we have recieved this week, it really and truly means the world to us. I strongly believe our little Isabella brought us on a journey which we will treasure forever, we have met some amazing people along the way and have seen the work of all the staff from Crumlin hospital who we are utterly grateful for.
From when she was born we had no idea that she suffered from a very rare heart condition with added issues which even surgeons have not seen before, from smiles to tears and watching her placed into an ambulance while daddy followed her to Dublin was the hardest thing we have ever gone through as a couple. Kevin watched over our princess while I recovered from surgery.

Once reunited again we promised that we would stay strong for our little girl and give her the best chance possible, but unfortunately this was also taken from our hands as after the hardest meeting of our lives, the doctors explained that they could not fix our baby girls heart. From this moment on we knew we had to treasure and record every moment with her. Our little girl is an inspiration to us, she stayed strong so she can meet her family, be christened, gave us smiles, opened her eyes, and finally last night myself and Kevin were able to spend time alone with her having lots of cuddles, kisses and making happy memories. She was on my chest when the angels picked her up and lifted her up towards heaven with her daddy by her side.

We as parents are so proud of the strength that our daughter showed, and in a matter of days she gave us everything we could possible ask for and more and for that we are truly grateful.

We are at peace and united as a family who will never leave eachothers sides and for now are little family has gained an angel xx

FB Post 14. Isabella comes home (May 28th 2016)

Our darling Isabella's journey will end as she is layed to rest this evening at 4.30pm at Dromavalla Cemetery in our home town of Killorglin. Family and friends welcome,  thank you all again for your amazing support xx

FB Post 15.  Life's Lesson (May 30th 2016)

I've had alot of people say how strong myself and Kevin are being but we are only going on the power of love and time. Through every heart break there is a silver lining, a lesson to be learned. 
Our love for our daughter was instant and everlasting, and time was only a number but the precious moments created will live on for eternity.

Lesson learned, seeing the side of families fighting for their children's lives everyday and asking themselves is this the last surgery or even their last day. I am truly inspired by any parent having to go through any level of sickness or condition with their child on a daily basis, these children are true warriors living a fight every second of every day.

No one feel that they can't talk to us about our Isabella's journey, we want to keep talking as its what makes us strong, we want to raise awareness for any parent that has or is going through the same pain. She left a legacy of her own, an imprint on all our hearts and I am blown away from all the messages and support.

We are blessed with two beautiful children, and to that we are truly grateful xx #isabella #isabellasjourney

Truth be told, there maybe people who judged the way I was open throughout our entire journey and perhaps it would of been different if we didn't post her arrival, but in all honestly the messages of courage really did help give us more strength, it may not of been a fairy tale ending but she still inspired many people and stole their hearts. Isabella is alive in us all who got to travel this journey with us and we know that our little angel was sent here for a reason and now its my mission to be her voice to speak up and create more awareness for 'Congenital Heart Disease' and try and communicate with our health service that all ladies who are expecting should be properly screened  to ensure that appropriate resources are put in place for our babies upon birth if there is a health issue. 

Mother to an Angel   


  1. What a lovely blog post about ur beautiful little angel. I can't imagine what u and ur family have gone through. Such a sad story. I hope the campaign goes well. It's great to see something good come from such sadness. Stay strong xxx 😙😙

  2. Would really love to help you with your campaign in anyway I can,i have recently lost my daughter to a very rare form of CHD she passed when she was 10days old her name was Bella-hope she was my whole world CHD is under funded and the government need to put more money in to research because beautiful little angels like are own are losing there fight .

  3. I just read your tragic storey and wanted to wish you both all the best for the future. I do understand what u are going through as my partner and I lost our baby 1 month old. He had 2 infections and just stopped breathing on my partner. He was rushed to our local hospital where his heart was restarted and then taken to the specialist baby ward in Newcastle, where they are absolutely brilliant I might add, but he had been starved of oxygen for too long and it was just the machines keeping him with us. The photos you have posted bring that day back so vividly it is heart wrenching. And like you we had to bury our beautiful baby boy but in a tiny white coffin. We will never get over his loss but he bought us closer together and we now have a beautiful 1 year old baby daughter and now my partner is about 7.5 month pregnant with our baby boy. It has been so hard, especially for my partner who blames herself but we can't change anything, it wasn't her fault, unfortunately this is life, so hard at times. Stay strong, stay together and realise u can't change what happened. Going off the rails don't help it makes things worse. All u can do is try again. Words can't express the feelings I'd like to convey but keep your head held high and keep your campaign going. My brother has just had a baby as well with a heart defect much the same but it was picked up in scans and the baby after having operations seems to be fighting and is now on the ward. So don't feel alone, there are others out there going through this horrible situation. Take care.

  4. oh my your a very brave girl for sharing your story , its truly heartbreaking . sending you and your family all the best and i hope outta this tragedy some good will come . kind regards Ingrid