Saturday, 24 September 2016

Campaign Update - Response from the 'Regional Health Forum'

Since our latest post showing a very weak response from the Minister for Health Simon Harris, regarding our meet request which was raised as a Parliamentary Question within the Dail by T.D Lousie O'Reilly,  it was made quite clear that he was not understanding our campaign and that we just wanted to raise our own personal case were in fact we want to highlight concerns we have for the current maternity screening procedures for all expectant mothers nationwide.

Cllr. Damian Quigg who is working alongside us with our campaign attended the 'Southern Regional Health Forum' meeting on Thursday 22nd September. Cllr. Damian Quigg tabled on our behalf the  Notice of Motion which outlines our campaign, see below;

Notice of Motion
That this Forum support my Notice of Motion to put measures in place where all expectant women would receive free routine detailed scans in order to rule any organ deficiencies prior to birth of their child. Cllr. Damian Quigg

Further to the forum's response to the above it is with absolute delight to tell you all that the notion was fully supported by all the members of the Board. This means that it was agreed to call upon the Minister for Health Simon Harris, to meet with us were we would have the opportunity to share our experience, demonstrate the flaws within the current maternity screening and present a much needed change.

See below letter from the 'Southern Regional Health Forum' sent to the Minister. 

We know that there is still a long way to go, however we are heading in the right direction and hopefully a meeting will be arranged very soon. I will also be sending the Minister a letter also requesting for a meeting. 

I just wanted give a very special thank you to, Cllr. Damian Quigg who has given us all incredible support for our campaign, it is such a pleasure to have you by our sides. 

As always we will keep you all posted for any updates, and thank you all for your support.

Mother to an Angel 

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