Friday, 16 September 2016

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - Our photographer for Isabella


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Capturing Love, Not Loss

Once we were told on that fateful day that there was nothing they can do to fix our Isabella’s heart we did not know what to do next, in fact we were frantic as we knew time was stolen, every minute we had her here we wanted to try and do everything we can for our family and close friends to meet with her and capture every little expression she gave us onto camera before she grew her angel wings.

As I have constantly said throughout our campaign, the Crumlin staff has been and still are absolutely amazing and truly gave us a little light at such a dark hour. They explained that they can organize a christening for her and also a private photographer, I must admit I was taken back a little of the thought of having someone come in and take photos of our dying daughter or even if she had already passed away, as I tried to think it through all that was going around in my head is that her big brother needs pictures of her, we need pictures of her, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, there would be no going back if we changed our minds and if we did not like them then we don’t have to look at them, but my goodness I am so pleased we went ahead and had them done.

Our photographer Michelle came in and she was so respectful and instantly put us at ease, she took photos of her little teddies, her hands and feet and then started to take photos of our little princess with us by her side, Isabella was amazing and gave us this extra time to get these photos done of her within her final hours. There was a sense of calm while we were having our photos taken and it was as if time was frozen, and now we can look back at these precious moments and have a sense that she is with as always.

Her big brother keelan said ‘I miss my sister Isabella very much, she is still part of our family because we have these photos that the lady took of her’.

NILMDTS gave us a chance to capture our daughter’s expressions and most beautiful eyes, we truly feel blessed to have her pictures to look at, and we feel so grateful to know that our son Keelan will have these to remember her by.

Photos by NILMDTS

NILMDTS Mission is to introduce Remembrance Photography to parents suffering the Loss of a baby with the Gift of Professional Portraiture.

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If you would like to volunteer to become a NILMDTS photographer or if you would be interested in learning more about various volunteer roles nationwide here in Ireland or worldwide click here to find out how to be part of this amazing organization. 

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 A special thank you to our photographer Michelle and all at NILMDTS, you gave us a little light at such a dark time, you let us create memories and keep them for a lifetime and to that we thank you.

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