Sunday, 4 September 2016

Let the questions begin 'How was Isabella's heart condition missed'?

Preparing for one of the hardest days but all for good reason and remaining focused for what our ultimate goal is..

July 14th 2016 

Big day tomorrow appointment at Tralee general to get some questions answered about why our Isabella's heart condition was not picked up and why does not every pregnant women receive a detailed scan during her pregancy to ensure that if anything is found, proper procedures are put in place. I will not rest until these are answered and I will not stop the fight for the right to ensure all babies are propley screened. I know it will be an emotional day and that's what I am preparing for but I will not rest until I know, no other parent will have to go through what we have and are still going through xx #chdawareness

One of the hardest days of my life to face into the answers we so dearly wanted 

July 15th 2016

Today was incredibly hard to walk the corridors I walked before heading to Dublin to be with our daughter, the emotions all came flooding back as I remember feeling so scared getting ready to set off and walk into the unknown. I kept my head held high as I knew I was doing this for a reason and that reason was to gain some closure and raise questions as to why and how her heart condition was not picked up.
I went to this meeting with no feeling of anger but a drive to make change within the maternity unit not just local but now nationwide. In our personal case her heart condition was overlooked, and yes it should have been picked up but there is clearly a lack of resource to do this to every patient who is expecting.
Our personal case is now going to be open for review by the unit and full cooperation with the hospital is very positive, I will be contacting all local TD's along with the Minister of Health to highlight this nationwide issue and address the fact that more funding is needed within maternity units to provide a high standard and to ensure proper screening to all women who are expecting.
I have also raised the issue regarding the lack of communication across all departments which can cause destress to patients such as public health nurses not being notified of death and call to arrange appointments as this happened in our case.
I made a promise that this is our mission to make change and our Isabella's short journey here on earth will help make this happen, she's a true angel, my inspiration, i strongly believe she was brought here to us for a reason and only honoured to be her mother. Love her and miss her so much but know she is always around us xxx #chdawareness #heartmummy#mothertoanangel

Mother to an Angel

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