Sunday, 17 July 2016

Welcome to my blog which is dedicated to CHD awareness, & parents to Angels

Our Isabella 


I have two children one of which gained her wings and became an angel at 6 days old. My mission is to create awareness for congenital heart disease (CHD) and promoting better screening for all ladies who are pregnant.

Our Isabella was a true heart warrior but unfortunately she could not be saved, and as we surrounded her with unconditional love she grew her wings before our eyes.

We were told she was perfect throughout my pregnancy as her heart problem was not picked up until after she was born, as our journey through this continues we have become more and more determined that we do not want any other parent to go through what we have and are still going through.

CHD is increasing and more awareness needs to be put in place along with better maternity wards equipped to recognize health problems in babies early on in the pregnancy stage to ensure proper procedures are put in place upon birth.

We want to help any other parent whos child has CHD or who is walking the same path as ourselves of loosing a child.

Our angel Isabella was sent here for a reason and I believe her story will do just that.

Mother to an Angel xoxox


  1. My son was born full term with a hypoplastic left heart syndrome and died at 3 days old.this was 26 years ago ...cant believe this is still happening in the world of detailed scans makes me soo angry

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